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Spring Cleaning Special

Take advantage of our Panel Cleaning services!

Leaves, bird poop and airborne particles (from dirt and pollen) all dirty your solar panel investment. After a long winter without regular Spring rains, your Solar Panels are in need of a fresh Spring clean!

We have the expert experience and equipment!

  • High impact specialized cleaning equipment
  • Eco- Friendly and panel manufacturer approved

Contact us for additional operation and maintenance contracts and let Blockpower be your long-lasting cleaning solution!


Why do your Solar panels need a clean?

Dirty solar panels could affect its’ efficiency and lead to power loss. The grime and debris reduce the ability of your panels to perform at full capacity. A solar panel is made up of several solar modules wired together. Each module consists of solar cells which are all mounted collectively in a frame. Solar cells, in turn, are made of semiconductor materials, such as silicon. One side of a solar cell is positive, the other negative. When sunlight hits a solar cell, it excites the electrons in the semiconductor material, and it’s this energy that can be captured as electricity. If the cells aren’t clean, then less sunlight is able to be absorbed and less electricity is generated.

The potential energy loss depends on the level of filth your solar panels have accumulated. Energy loss could reach 25 percent, but some reports bring the number as high as 30 percent for consumers who never clean their system (Source: Heliotex)

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