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How important is Solar Monitoring?

Toyosi Craig, PhD and Johann Lutz
Block Power

Solar monitoring systems gives information to the users and operators about the system’s performance.

Monitoring shows the plant activities, both live and historic and the operator can get alerts based on scenarios that he is concerned about or desire to monitor.

In addition, monitoring also makes important data available to everyone. Data such as energy consumption and load profile, the kilograms of CO2 saved, number of trees saved, and the equivalent savings from not using the grid among many others are readily available through monitoring. With true site data, improving or upgrading any system becomes quick and easy.

Monitoring helps the user to be able to make the best and most use of the energy that is generated. In cases where there are no automated systems that shift loads or shave peaks, the owner or user of a solar system can see from the monitoring platforms when the solar is generating the most and can use it right there and then, therefore reducing reliance on the grid.

Energy Generation Sources
Solar power - Demand vs Supply Chart
How important is Solar Monitoring?

Fig. Selected display of Blockpower monitoring platform for an existing off-grid plant

One of the greatest gifts we offer our customers at Block Power is transparency and confidence through quality System Monitoring.

Our monitoring systems enables remote management, support of the owner’s investment, and quick turnaround time support to any alerts and concerns.

In our everchanging environment, the user may want to change how their systems operate, therefore monitoring allows us to be prepared for the changes. We can remotely perform settings changes, to cater to the changing needs of customers and if we need to be on site, our team are prepared.

In cases of future increase in capacity or demand, we are ready to implement the changes without any delay.

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